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About the Grott Video group

Grott Video is a small group of video rental shops based in Silihull, Birmingham. The Grott Video group has expanded rapidly since its conception three years ago. The founder Jean-Luc Picard, refered to as captain by his staff still runs the Grott Video group today and has piloted it through some interesting times.

The original shop at the Bridge Shopping Centre was soon joined by a second, based on Crusher Street. However this was not the end of Grott Video's rapid expansion, Jean-Luc's small federation of shops still faced a rival, KlingOn Videos. The threat of KlingOn videos was soon overcome when it was taken over and became the third shop in the group.

Grott Video has recently undergone a major program of changes to the way in which it operates so that it can bring a better service to you, the customer. This has included a complete computerisation of all three shops and the addition of DVD rentals and Video Games sales to the services on offer. Don't forget that as well as being able to rent from Grott Video, you can also purchase DVDs, Video tapes and video games, and to compliment your night in, there is a wide selection of food and drink for sale in each shop.

Grott Video always has the latest releases in store as Jean-Luc purchases new titles every week for each shop. If there are any up and coming titles that you would particulaly like to see at Grott Video, simply send an e-mail to us and we will see what we can do.

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