Friday, 28 March 2008

Time for a change

Well it is that time again - 60,000 miles ago I got a nice shiny new (to me) Passat. It has been a fantastic car so far, only problems I have had are a temp sensor and a split CV boot not bad for a car that is just shy of 120,000 miles. So what am I changing?

The Passat has been so good I see no reason to get rid of her. So a new cam belt is going on tomorrow but it is rather a big job. Passat's have their engine mounted longitudinally which means to change the belt you have to take the whole front of the car off! No worries I know a man who can.

I will let you know how the Passat gets on - if only it was rear wheel drive and diesel it would be perfect for me :-)


Sunday, 16 March 2008

A little update

Hi all,

It seems like ages since I last wrote a post on here, lots of things have happened. I moved jobs in February to a web development company based in Liverpool called Mando Group. Moving jobs is always a little uncertain but it has been a fantastic choice. Everyone there has been very welcoming and we have some great clients who I am enjoying working with very much.

Last week I took a trip to Scotland with Judith - I had never really explored this wonderful place before. On Facebook I have updated an album with some pictures. Although the weather was a bit schizophrenic with sun, snow, hail, rain and wind all within a few hours it took nothing away from the experience. I would love to go back to Scotland sometime, maybe to see the northern lights.

I will try and post again soon, bye for now :-)