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Grott Video's Rental Charts Page

Here at Grott Video we compile rental charts each week. Originaly they where used to help us plan how many videos to buy. Now however, with the advent of the Internet, we can publish them with ease to help you make the difficult decision of which title to rent from our large selection. We publish several charts covering sales and rentals of Videos, DVDs and Video Games (Playstation, Playstation II, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, PC and the humble Gameboy). Unless otherwise stated, the charts are updated on Monday morning with the rentals and sales of the previous week.

From next week we will be introducing a page that allows you, the customers of Grott Video and users of the web site, the chance to review the movies and video games that you rent or buy from us. To see these reviews you will be able to simply pick the film or game that you are interested in from the charts, and click on it. Don't forget that these reviews are impartial because they are writen by you. However we can not do this unless you send us your reviews. There is a form at the bottom of this page where you can enter reviews of any movies or games that you wish.

Thank you in advance; The Grott Video Team

Top 10 Videos rented last week
  1. The Patriot
  2. U-571
  3. High Fideliy
  4. Maybe Baby
  5. Stir of Echoes
  6. Mission Impossible 2
  7. Final Destination
  8. The Perfect Storm
  9. Gladiator
  10. Chicken Run
Top 10 DVDs rented last week
  1. High Fidelity
  2. The Patriot
  3. Sir of Echoes
  4. U-571
  5. Mission Impossible 2
  6. The Perfect Storm
  7. Gladiator
  8. Final Destination
  9. Chicken Run
  10. The Whole Nine Yards
Top 10 Videos sold last week
  1. Buffy Season 4.2 (Box set)
  2. Angel Season 1 (Box set 2)
  3. Gladiator
  4. Star Wars (Trilogy box set)
  5. Angel Season 1 (Box set 1)
  6. Mission Impossible 2
  7. Groundhog Day (Special Edition) (Video And Book)
  8. Bagpuss - The Complete Bagpuss
  9. Bone Collector
  10. Final Destination
Top 10 DVDs sold last week
  1. Storm
  2. Snatch
  3. Saving Private Ryan
  4. Gladiator (2DVD)
  5. Mission Impossible 2
  6. Buffy Season 1 (3 DVD box set)
  7. Bruce Lee-The Man, the Myth
  8. U-571
  9. Felons
  10. Dogma
Top 5 Gameboy games sold last week
  1. Pokemon Yellow (ColourGameBoy)
  2. Pokemon Blue (ColourGameBoy)
  3. Pokemon Red (ColourGameBoy)
  4. X-Men Mutant Academy (ColourGameBoy)
  5. Super Mario Bros. (ColourGameBoy)
Top 5 Nintendo 64 games sold last week
  1. South Park Rally
  2. Pokemon Snap
  3. Perfect Dark
  4. ISS 2000
  5. Pokemon Stadium
Top 5 Playstation games sold last week
  1. Spiderman
  2. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2
  3. X-men Mutant Academy
  4. Who Wants to be a Millionare?
  5. TOCA World Touring Cars
Top 5 Playstation 2 games sold last week
  1. Silent Scope
  2. FIFA 2001
  3. Tekken Tag Tournament
  4. Timesplitters
  5. SSX Snowboard Supercross
Top 5 PC games sold last week
  1. Star trek Voyager: Elite Force
  2. Who Wants to be a Millionare?
  3. Deus EX
  4. Baldurs Gate 2
  5. Age of the Empires II
Customers Reviews

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