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Grott Video's Ex-rentals Page

Like many products, videos and DVDs that are rented out to the public have a life cycle; there is a period of growth as the title becomes popular, which eventually peaks, then begins to fall. Grott Video often buys many copies of a particular movie to meet the title's high demand when it is popular. However, many of these eventually become surplus to requirements. On this page you will find titles (In general about six months old) that used to be rented out, for sale at low prices. These videos and DVDs are tested prior to sale and are guaranteed for three months.

Ex-rental Videos for sale
  1. The Matrix, 4.99
  2. Gladiator, 8.99
  3. Spieces 2, 4.99
  4. Blade, 6.99
  5. American History X, 3.99
  6. Mission Impossible, 7.99
  7. Cruel Intentions, 4.99
  8. Scream, 5.99
  9. Scream 2, 6.99
  10. I Know What You Did Last Summer, 4.99
Ex-rental DVDs for sale
  1. Men in Black, 10.99
  2. End of Days, 10.99
  3. Blade, 9.99
  4. Cruel Intentions, 9.99
  5. American History X, 9.99
  6. The Matrix, 8.99
  7. American Pie, 11.99
  8. Shes All That, 10.99
  9. The Sixth Sense, 9.99
  10. Shaft, 10.99

If you wish to reserve an ex-rental title, simply contact us, giving your name and the title that you wish to reserve. Titles will be held for three days from the date of reservation and a conformational e-mail will be sent to you. Thank You

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