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Grott Video's Video Games Information Page

Why does Grott Video have this page?

When Grott Video started to sell Video Games and Video Game releated products we did not anticipate the number of questions that would be asked. It was found that a large number of the questions where to do with future releases of both hardware and software. This was a little surprising since it was expected that most of the questions directed at us would be from customers having specific problems however it seems that these people choose to use the technical support of the manufactuer bypassing Grott Video. This page will detail future hardware and software products that Grott Video will be stocking when they become available. This week Grott Video will be examining the details released by Microsoft about its forthcoming X-box

What exactly is the X-Box?

As Microsoft continues to grow it is looking for opportunities to dominate new markets. One area that Microsoft has virtually ignored until recently is the console market. The console market has been growing rapidly for over a decade, and Microsoft has decided that it wants a piece of the action. The X-Box (Microsoft's new console), although still in the design stage, appears that it will storm the console market. Microsoft has released pictures of the X-Box and although it has to be remembered that the design is still subject to change, it has to be said that they look pretty good.

Offical Pictures of the X-Box
front view of the X-Box rear view of the X-Box
Front View
Rear View
Offically released specifications

As with all console releases Microsoft has leaked the specifications of the X-Box before its release to develop interest. Below is a list of items that have been confirmed by Microsoft as being inside its new X-Box console.

  1. DirectX API game development tools.
  2. Intel Pentium III 733Mhz processor.
  3. 250Mhz custom graphics chip developed by Nvidia.
  4. 64 Mb of Memory.
  5. Custom 3-D audio processor.
  6. 8GB Hard Drive.
  7. 5 speed DVD rom drive with movie playback.
  8. Four game controller ports.
  9. Expansion port
  10. 10/100 MBps Network card
  11. ADSL enabled
  12. Modem enabled

The release of the X-box will come at an exciting time; the playstation II will have become well established and Microsoft will be looking to take its crown. You can rest assured that it will be an interesting marketing battle with all the money that Microsoft has set aside for the project, reputedly around 1 billion US dollars. Whatever next generation console takes control of the market place, Grott Video will stock and support it.

Do you have a question about the Video Games? If so contact us. and we will do our best to answer it. Thank you.

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