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Welcome to Grott Video's amazing competition

It has only been a short while since Grott Video started to hire out video games and DVDs. In that time all of the feedback about these items has been positive. However, they do have their drawbacks: to be able to play DVDs you need a DVD player, and to be able to play video games you need the correct video games machine. Sony also realised that this would be a problem for some people, especially those on a budget, and came up with an all in one solution - the Sony Playstation II.

Playstation Two Logo

Sony's Playstation II is a state of the art video games console capable of playing all of the Playstation and Playstation II games ever made. This means that the Playstation II owner has a library of over a thousand games to choose from with prices to suit every pocket. Having a large number of games is not the only plus point. The Playstation II has a huge amount of processing horse power - using an advanced 128bit core and Sony's emotion graphics engine technology it will immerse you in amazingly detailed 3D worlds. Sony's Playstation II is the fastest, most powerful games console ever built. Just weeks after the Playstation II's launch, Sega announced that it was ceasing production of its Dreamcast console and not launching a replacment. Some say it simply could not compete with Sony's machine.

We said earlier that the Playstation II was an all in one solution for those people who want to play fantastic video games and watch DVDs. The Playstation II is also an advanced DVD player; simply plug it into your home television, insert a DVD of your choice and enjoy. What could be simpler?

Playstation Two Logo

DVD is proclamed as being able to bring the cinema to your home. However, your television's speakers are unlikley to be as good as those down at your local Odeon. Sony also took this into consideration; the Playstation II has a DTS digital out. In English this means that you can plug it into a surround sound stereo, enabling you to experience the feeling of bullets travelling across your living room. Watching a James Bond movie will never be the same again!

The Playstation II is on special offer this week at Grott Video (See offer of the week). However, we have one machine to give away. All you have to do is complete a simple questionnaire and you will be entered into the prize draw. If you are a member of Grott Video, please select the member's button below. If you are not a member of Grott Video, please select the non-member,s button below. Don't forget to press the submit button at the bottom when you have finished. Good Luck.

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